Perform Podcast Episode 009 - Ashley Kaltwasser

Episode 9 of the Nutrabolics PERFORM Podcast features 3x Miss Olympia Bikini Champion, Ashley Kaltwasser. This IFBB Pro competitor and model has made big waves in the fitness industry and inspired many competitors to start their own fit journeys. In this podcast Ashley shares her competition best practices, how to adapt before comps and beyond, insights into cheat meals, and how her social media platforms inspire and motivate her. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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Perform Podcast Episode 008 - Frank Mir

PERFORM Podcast Episode 8 features former UFC Heavyweight Champion and MMA Superstar, Frank Mir. This battle-hardened veteran fighter is the current record holder for the most victories and submissions in UFC heavyweight history. In this podcast, Frank discusses his rough and tumble days of street fighting, sex before fights, supplements and the rise of CBD, plus the importance of recovery and rehab to his lifestyle. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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Perform Podcast Episode 007 - Henri-Pierre Ano

Episode 7 features IFBB Pro Men’s Classic Physique Bodybuilder and Team Nutrabolics Athlete, Henri-Pierre Ano. With a competitive hot streak this past year the right labelled “Mass with Class” proves that as an athlete you have responsibilities both to yourself and as a role model to others. Henri shares about the intense struggles and strict requirements of competing, how to stay motivated, tips for dieting and supplementation, and what it was like to walk out onto the most prestigious stage in the bodybuilding world. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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