Perform Podcast Episode 005 - Daniel Maguire

Episode 5 features Reality TV celebrity Daniel Maguire. An avid fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, Daniel skyrocketed his career after his first appearance on the ABC TV series the Bachelorette. In the wake of multiple feature appearances on other bachelor series’ including The Bachelor In Paradise, Daniel discusses his celebrity status, how he uses supplements to amplify his training routine, and why local and properly dosed products are important to the performance of him and his clients. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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Perform Podcast Episode 004 - Navpreet Banga

Nutrabolics PERFORM Podcast Episode 4 features Youtube star Navpreet Banga. Wise beyond her years, Nav shares about how she creates impact on social media as an influencer, the importance of being yourself and being consistent, as well as how she performs as an actor. Like a true Youtuber, Nav flips the script and questions Jayson about how he and Rodney started Nutrabolics. FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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Perform Podcast Episode 003 - Bobby Lashley

Episode 3 of the Nutrabolics PERFORM Podcast features WWE and MMA legend Bobby Lashley. An accomplished and dynamic wrestler/fighter, Bobby “The Dominator” Lashley shares about the challenges and rewards about touring the world with the WWE, tips for staying lean while performing at his best, and his upcoming fight ambitions to fight Brock Lesnar. You don’t want to miss this episode! FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE ON:  

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