Keto Liquid Fast


7 Day Body Transformation Program

The Keto Liquid Fast is a 7-day protein sparing modified fast that requires a daily menu consisting of four specialized keto-friendly protein shakes, and a specifically-timed fat-burning & muscle-sparing supplement plan that is designed to help you shed 1-2lbs per day.


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The Keto Liquid Fast Game Plan for Maximizing Fat Loss!

From the AM to 6pm you are to have 4 KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKES which consist of 1-2 scoops HydroPure

Time your KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKES every 2.5-3.5 hours.

If you are under 180lbs 1-1.5 scoops of Hydropure is sufficient.

If you are over 180lbs we suggest 1.5-2 scoops of Hydropure.

Your KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKES should be mixed strictly with water and ice if you like. Alkaline water is recommended for your KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKES and for hydration throughout the day. We recommend 3-4 L of water per day but if you want to drink more water, please do.

In between meals when you get hungry and/or crave sweets we recommend drinking a full serving of Anabolic State.

Each day you may have 1 healthy solid meal (HSM) instead of a shake if you are feeling sluggish and/or tired. We recommend this meal to consist of 30g-50g of lean non-meat protein and up to 20g of steamed or boiled green fibrous vegetables. We recommend you do not eat red meat for your HSM as it can cause bloating and inflammation and it is hard to digest. We also recommend steamed or boiled vegetables instead of raw vegetables as they are easier to digest. We do not recommend any sort of simple carbohydrates (white pasta, white rice, white bread, etc) or processed foods to be consumed on the KETO LIQUID FAST.

Training on the KETO LIQUID FAST is recommended first thing in the morning within 2 hours of waking up. Low-intensity cardio is recommended daily (eg. incline walking). Prior to Training: 1 scoop K-Tone mixed with 1 scoop of Carnibolic. You may increase the K-Tone and Carnibolic per your tolerance but do not go above 2 scoops of each per day. During Training: 1-2 Scoops of Anabolic State

If you are finding the diet difficult, you may have 1 table spoon of natural almond butter on its own or in one of your


Q. I have a different fat burner at home, can I use other supplements on the Keto Liquid Fast?

A. We recommend you only use the supplements featured in this article, as they will maximize the chances of best success on this diet. We do not recommend substitutions. The supplements we have included in this diet have each been included for specific reasons.
Q. I tried the Keto Liquid Fast and had great results. I lost 10 lbs in 7 days. How frequently can I do this diet? Is once a month possible?

A. The Keto Liquid Fast is an extreme diet, we do not recommend it to be a frequent meal plan. We recommend the Keto Liquid Fast no more than once every 2 months.
Q. I have been on the Keto Liquid Fast for 7 days and have had great results, both physically and mentally. I would like to keep going . How long can I keep this up?

A. We recommend the Keto Liquid Fast for 7 consecutive days. If you would like to keep going we recommend 10 days max.
Q. What happens after you have stopped the Keto Liquid Fast? How do you not gain all the weight back?

A. Great question. We recommend you gradually re-introduce food and only specific easy-to-digest foods. We recommend healthy soups, bone broths, steamed vegetables, lean non-meat proteins, and healthy fats. We recommend this type of meal plan for a maintenance phase twice as long as your actual diet. So if you did a 7 day Keto Liquid Fast we recommend a 14-day maintenance phase. During this maintenance phase we recommend you avoid processed foods, simple carbohydrates and red meat.

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