Quality Assurance

Nutrabolics® adheres to strict certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in all of our products. GMP manufacturers require quality assurance programs in place that ensure our supplements are consistently manufactured, prepared and stored to meet specific quality standards. Nutrabolics® tests and assesses all raw materials to confirm identity, purity, strength and composition. Site Licenses are issued by Health Canada to manufacturing sites that meet all the requirements of the natural health product regulations. The Nutrabolics® product line is fully NPN certified for optimal Health Canada compliance.

100% transparent

Many brands are trying hide behind proprietary blends, some with low dosages and fillers to reduce costs. Unlike these brands, transparency is something that Nutrabolics values above all else. We pride ourselves in designing strong and effective, products with 100% disclosure on all of our formulas; no exceptions. In maintaining this commitment to clean, reliable supplements, Nutrabolics adheres to the following core principals across our product line:

  • No proprietary blends
  • No undisclosed ingredients
  • No artificial colours or dyes
  • Effective, clinical dosing
  • Amazing tasting formulas
  • Premium protein sources only
  • Zero amino spiking


Over the years Nutrabolics has had the honour of being nominated for and awarded with several prestigious industry designations, including Bodybuilding.com’s Breakout Brand of the Year and Popeye’s Supplements’ 2017 Product of the Year Award. Merited on the quality of product formulas, branding, and popularity, these awards are a testament to both the loyalty of our fans and our commitment to creating effective products that impact customers world-wide.