Is the new Hydropure Lactose free?

Hydropure we couldn’t make lactose free claims as the sources do have levels of lactose.

The HydroPure has about 0.75 grams lactose per serving.  The Mass Fusion has 3 grams lactose per serving

You can market the 100% hydrolyzed as the product does contain 100% hydrolyzed protein.

Hydrolyzed isn’t 100% lactose free unless certified. Which means higher quality forms of Hydrolyzed protein.

There’s different sources and we use a WPH80 & WPH90. WPH90 is the highest quality/form of Hydrolyzed whey protein but we’ve blended it with WPH80 which is where the very low lactose comes from. It is how we stay competitive with pricing.

Nonetheless, the product still uses 100% hydrolyzed whey proteins.

I have no scoop in my product (massfusion)

That’s rare to hear.

We sincerely apologize and that this is not common and we will bring this up to quality.

If you can calculate the following, here are the measurements to receive one serving. You may calculate the following:

* This is based on dry powder volume
1 scoop = 4 ounces/118cc/118ml
3 scoops(Full serving) = 12 ounces/354cc/354ml

Can an answer be opened by URL reference?


Any question may be expanded on page load by referencing its id in the URL.

For example this content could be automatically opened by adding "#faq_3" to the URL in the address bar like so:

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Is there a benefit to a 4 stage release protein such as Isobolic vs Hyper whey?

Hello Derrick,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Our Hyper Whey is an advanced whey protein blend.  It carries a cheaper price point than our sustained release Isobolic because it is a whey blend.  We use Whey concentrate, and milk protein isolate in Hyper Whey, and it mixes instantly with a phenomenal taste rating!

Our Isobolic is Sustained-release protein that contains whey protein isolate, micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, and milk protein isolate.  We have also added in digestive enzymes, and CLA for the most complete sustained-release protein.  It can be used immediately post-workout, or even before bed because its protein digestion rates vary from 30 mins. to 8 hours!

For more information, I invite you to click on the corresponding links below for more information:


Hyper Whey:

Thank you for your support.  Should you have any further questions and/or need more clarification - please do not hesitate to ask.


Hi there I noticed your Mass fusion has the "made in a facility that also processes peanuts" allergen warning and was wondering how close these items are in the manufacturing process. Thank you

Let them know that in manufacturing the drums are cleaned for each batch run and they do a very good job of it.

But, we use peanut flour in some products so the powder would be mixed in the same drums.

Again, they’re cleaned and washed after each production run but we have to add that warning because the product is mixed in the same machines.

Hello Brennan,

Thank you for your inquiry In manufacturing, the drums are cleaned for each batch run and they do a very good job of it.

 But, we use peanut flour in some products so the powder would be mixed in the same drums.
Again, they’re cleaned and washed after each production run but we have to add that warning because the product is mixed in the same machines.
Should you have an further questions, please do not hesitate to ask,

May you please verify this product. I purchased this in Malaysia. I noticed the formula was changed, Calories changed to 990. Sugar changed to 23 g. And it contain creatine now.

This was a custom product we made for clients who requested it. It was designed to have added amino acids.

I started my second bottle of aggro and can’t believe the results I’m getting. Absolutely awesome. I do have an issue though. Half way through my second bottle, I started to get severely sick. Diaharrea, vomiting etc. I went through two weeks of agony trying to find out what was wrong. My doctor said it was a simple stomach bug. Through my own process of trial and error, I have come to realize that I am having a reaction to the aggro. This is horribly disappointing to me. My question to you is this- has there been any issues with allergic reactions? Is this common? I don’t know why I would get so sick from this stuff after already consuming an entire bottle without an issue. I was healthy for 4 days and took aggro today without any other change in my diet and I nearly had to leave work because I was so sick.

Recommended duration of use/Durée d'utilisation recommandée:
For use beyond 12 days, consult a health care practitioner.

Recommended use or purpose/Usage ou les fins recommandés:
Supports testosterone production.
Supports healthy serum testosterone levels in men.
Supports testosterone production to increase muscle strength.
Helps in connective tissue formation.
Helps to maintain healthy skin. Helps to maintain immune function.
Helps to maintain normal DNA synthesis. Helps to maintain normal acid-base metabolism.
Helps to maintain healthy bones, hair, nail and/or skin.
Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism. Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates.
Helps the body to metabolize fats. Helps to form red blood cells.
Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.
Helps in tissue formation. Helps to maintain proper muscle function.
Helps to maintain proper muscle function, including the heart muscle.
Source of/An electrolyte for the maintenance of good health.
Helps in energy metabolism, tissue formation and bone development.
Helps to maintain normal electrolyte balance. Helps to maintain the body's ability to metabolize nutrients.
Provides antioxidants for the maintainence of good health.

Risk Information/Renseignements sur les risques:

Known Adverse Reactions
Hypersensitivity/allergy may occur; in which case, discontinue use.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Cautions and Warnings
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have a kidney disorder and/or diabetes.
Consult a health care practitioner prior if you have a benign prostate hypertrophy and/or prostate cancer.
If you experience symptoms of hypoglycemia including feelings of anxiety, dizziness, tremor, sweating, nausea or headache,
discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner.
If new symptoms develop, consult a health care practitioner.
If you are taking prescription medications, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.
May cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as constipation, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea, in which case discontinue
use and consult a health care practitioner .

There’s a lot of powerful effective ingredients in AGGRO but some people can develop some of the mild symptoms from consuming the product.

Maybe suggest that they hold off for a few weeks. It might be too much to consume more than 4-6 weeks at a time.

They should take a little break from the cycle and start up in a few weeks.

How much sucrose is in your products

It varies from flavor to flavor but about on average 50 to 65mg but Peach Mango is 130mg

Hi, yes I tired reaching out to Amazon and they told me to contact the manufacturer. Unfortunately I discarded the product before anyone else can use due to it possible being a health risk.

1. Amazon sellers are their own entities protected by amazon.  If there is a return that has to be made, it has to be done through amazon - not the brand.  Similar to if you purchased a Sony Playstation from amazon, the return would be made to and through amazon, not Sony.

2.  We would even honor this just to help out a customer, BUT - the powder is already thrown out.  That would be like asking Sony to refund a playstation purchased on amazon and you threw out the playstation and kept only the box.  It just wouldn’t work.  You see, when there is a complaint about the product itself, we only get refunded on our end  once the product is proven to have an issue.  That requires that the product be sent back to us to then send to our manufacturer for inspection.

Due to the product being purchased from amazon, and the fact that there is no product to test, coupled with the fact that we are in 72 countries worldwide and have not had any complaints about this product at all - our hands are tied here.

My sincere apologies Ervin.  

How are cows killed for ISOBOLIC Beef?

we only receive the raw materials and are unaware of any procedures for the production of the parts used to make beef protein.

Hi guys! I just bought the Carnibolic Low Stim Fatburner. I opened up the tub and it’s literaly, empty.
If you’d like me to send a photo I’d be more than happy to. I’ve had this product a few times and LOVE IT. So I’m very disappointed to open up a tub to nearly nothing.
Let me know what we can do to resurrect this situation.

Was there a seal before you opened it?

Though it may look empty, there should be 30 scoops inside the container.

The bottle runs over a scale that weighs every unit passing so it is the correct weight and amount inside.

Thank you,

Assuming this person is sincere and buys our products, let them know Popeye’s will take the item back for an in-store credit or exchange.

If they have any issues they can contact us again and we’ll escalate it.

Is the protein source in Hydropure derived from animal sources other than milk & eggs? Also what type of rennet is used to make the whey in said product, e.g. animal, fungal or synthetic?

Hello Zainab,

Thank you for your inquiry,
Protein in Hydropure is only from milk.

And animal rennet is not part of the filtration at any stage of WPC manufacturing.
Animal Rennet is part of the cheese manufacturing where its byproduct, Whey, is collected to make WPC.

Please let us know if you have any further questions,

Thank you,

How much maltodextrin is in one serving of waxybolic? Is it a 50/50 blend?

Thank you for your inquiry,

We can’t disclose the exact amount but there’s a higher ratio of waxy maize than maltodextrin.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you and have a great day,

Is Thermal XTC and Carnibolic Vegan


I would like to find out if any of your products contain alcohol in flavoring? Also do the whey products contain animal rennet source? 

Our Cookies N Cream have Gluten Free Cookie Pieces that mention a Chocolate Liqueur flavouring ingredient but it isn’t alcohol.
The flavouring is just called “Chocolate Liqueur”. We’ve looked into this since we’ve made this product in Halal with the same flavouring.

Animal rennet is not part of the filtration at any stage of whey protein manufacturing.
But, animal Rennet is part of the cheese manufacturing where its by product, Whey, is collected to make whey protein concentrate.

We cannot certify that our products do not contain any animal rennet but our manufacturing facility does say the whey protein itself should be free of rennet.

Have you guys discontinued Athlete’s Food and if so, do you have something comparable?

Hello Sergey,

Thank you for your inquiry.


Unfortunately we have discontinued Athletes food. 

At this present time, we do not have something comparable. 

What we recommend to customers is making a shake very similar with simple ingredients at home using our very own ISO Bolic (or other protein of choice)

1 scoop Vanilla ISO Bolic 
1-1.5 cup almond milk 
2 cups spinach 
1 cup kale 
1 cup berries 
1 kiwi

You can also add in some pineapple or orange for more simple sugars/flavour. You can also add in any greens shake to add an extra boost of antioxidants and to aid the PH in your gut and thus your overall health.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day!

What are all the estrogen blockers in Aggro?
Someone is asking if Zinc is the only one 

The ingredients for optimal hormone balance are Zinc, Magnesium, D-Aspartic Acid and Ashwagandha. They also assist with stress levels which in turn can effect your hormone balance. We can’t really say “Estrogen Blocker”, just hormone balance.

Why at there no nutritional facts about Anabolicstate? Are there carbs, cals etc?

There are no carbs in this product. If a supplement facts listing on the website doesn't list calories then there are no calories or carbs.  You can rely on this because we have run in depth compliance reviews on all of our products before launch.

Is it safe to stack Supernova and Thermal XTC?

Hello Kaila,

Thank you for purchasing our product. We are happy that our products can be part of your journey.

We recommend before supplementing with any stimulant products, you consult your doctor first. They know your medical history and will be able to tell you what is "safe". Especially if there are any medications you are also taking that we may not be aware of.

We also recommend you do not mix any more than 2 scoops of any stimulant at a time or per day.


Everyone's tolerance to stimulants vary, and so we like to take precaution!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a great day,

Is Supernova and Stimx Vegan?


How many years until Hydropure Expires

Aside from the 3 year expiration date from the time it’s manufactured, it can last an additional year past expiry. We’ve done micro tests to see if any bacteria and label claims change and the product is still good.

Glutamine does not have a scoop. What do I use to measure it

Due to this being an older label product with the lot number you provided, there was a batch that was made where the scoop was forgotten in some tubs.
A moderate leveled teaspoon will provide the 5g serving you need,

The Nuttra label instructions say one thing and Popeyes website instructions say another. Which instructions do I follow?

Hello Steve,

We apologize for the wait. Thank you for your patience.


This is something we had to investigate 

We are thankful that you pointed out the confusion. Since we don’t control eCommerce websites and retailers, we can never tell what type of information is out there.

The physical bottle you have is JUST for Canada and it’s an NPN compliant label. Health Canada has been restricting claims and usage instructions for products being sold in Canada and it’s still ongoing.
The French/English information outlines what Health Canada suggests as per the NNHPD guidelines. Kind of like policing the consumers wants and needs.

It doesn’t look like the information on Popeye’s website has been updated to reflect Health Canada’s requirements but that’s because many companies don’t like what Health Canada is doing.
Looks to us like the details outlined on their site reflects the US/International label and merely provides options for the consumer to use the product.

The consumer will get the results outlined in the claims that are listed above the usage instructions. To avoid confusion please follow the bottles information.

Please let us know if you have any further questions,

Have a great day,

Are your products Gluten Free

Proteins are gluten free but we cannot certify gluten free due to the fact that the product is made in a facility that processes ingredients sourced from wheat. Cross contamination is next to none but ingredients itself are gluten free

None protein products including sport powders and capsules are manufactured in a facility free of allergens / gluten but we do not have the certification 

Is Semtex Gluten Free?

The ingredients are gluten free – but we cannot certify the product as gluten free due to the fact that the product is made in a facility that processes ingredients sourced from wheat. Knowing that the facility is cleaned thoroughly with each production run, the risk of cross contamination is next to none. In terms of your inquiry about the product itself, all of Semtex’s ingredients are free of gluten.

Can I stack Supernova with STIMX

Start with half scoops of each, however this is not saying enough.  We need to ensure we are covered by letting them know not to take more than 2 scoops of any stim product we offer per day.  We should also mention that they should consult with their physician before taking/combining these products if they have a pre-existing medical condition.

I am wondering if the peach mango m6000 BCAAS are vegan?

Yep! The ingredients are vegan and processed through bacterial/fermentation culture and the other components are either synthetic or plant-based.

I have been using your Nutrabolics hydropure 0g lactose protein powder for almost two years and have never had a problem with it. I recently got a new container and every single time i drink it I get a bad stomach ache. I have a dairy sensitivity and can't have most whey protein powders but this one was ok. Have you changed the formula? Did I get a contaminated batch? I look forward to your response as this is very disappointing for me (and my stomach!)

Hydropure is a mixture of Hydrolyzed and Isolate Whey Protein. That means the zero lactose claim holds true. The formula hasn’t changed and it’s our most superior product so I am not sure why they are having stomach issues.

If this person is on Canada they can simply return it to the retailer for a credit if they wish to. But only if the product is newly opened.
She should call them to make sure there won’t be a return issue before trekking to the store.

Can you please forward this e-mail to the person who is in charge of the manufacturing of your line of products.


Where is the remainder of Athlete’s Food?

B.C Victoria. Online may have the remainder as well

Why has my product been in hard clumps the past 3x

Let’s find out what store she bought it from so we could initiate an in store credit for her. We would need to know the stores full address so that we can contact our distributor for assistance.

I ordered m/Glutamine for body building and received it today. I opened the container but could not find the scoop for measuring. Does this product come with a measuring scoop?

Yes they should. If not, 1 tablespoon is 5grams

How do you distinguish a real product from a fake one?

With proteins we have a very distinct and unique machine that laser prints the LOT/Expiry and time stamp.
Consumers would need to send pictures for me to verify. As well, maybe a couple more of the label and bottle to ensure the whole product is valid.

The country/people who request authentication more than anyone is Egypt.

The texture is also hard to copy. We’ve textured most of the label but not all of it.
Asking the consumer of the label has a texture to it might be another easy way to distinguish.

Are your products Halal? Would Muslims be able to take them?

Our products are not certified Halal.

We do use Halal approved ingredients but no product can be officially Halal unless certified.

We can say that our whey comes from milk from Bovine and no animal is hurt or killed in the process.

With our non-proteins, the only animal product is in Aggro from the deer antler. But that ingredient is farmed and the animal is never harmed.

We are a Canadian company who take pride in quality ingredients. And with our GMP standards here, we can say that our manufacturing practices are the best in the world.
Unfortunately we cannot make any statements that say our products are “Free” of pork, hormones and that they are Halal.

I can't search amino power 2000 on your web site. Do you stop product this product line?

We are in the process of reformulating Amino Power so it will be back very soon.

Is our colouring Natural


My question is in the Creatine bottle label @ the bottom it's mentioned as 5gram glutamine

A few labels slipped past production that had a label error but we corrected it

I'm wondering how much caffeine is in one serving of your Carnibolic low stim fat burner? It's not clear from the label. 


I am 26 and have done 2 cycles of aggro when should I stop and did I over do the amount I've took

Typically we would like to say 2 to 3 bottles which is typically 8 to 12 weeks.

I wanted to inquire if your products are accepted for use in the WNBF.

All of our products are WADA approved (World Anti-Doping Association). Most professional organizations base their band substances list off of the WADA list but there may be some discrepancies from one professional association to another. We advise that you inform the WNBF of which products you plan to take (complete with their ingredient list) prior to supplementing with them. I advise that this be done for all supplements that you plan on using, not just Nutrabolics. 

I want to know if this website belongs to Nutrabolics Company "["]" And wants to know is it a verified place to buy your products or not ?

Egypt is one of our strongest partners.That website is valid.

After dissolving the powder in water, do I need to drink it right away? If I don't, how long I can leave it in room temperature? Is the effects of the product still the same?

It won’t be an issue leaving a dissolved drink for a few hours or overnight if you had to.

Can I dissolve the powder in hot water or tea? Can I freeze the drink and eat it? If I can, is the effects of the product still the same?

I would avoid adding heat to the ingredients. Cooling wouldn’t hurt the product.

I am tired of drinking the XTC drink. I want to add some texture and eat it. Can I add gelatin, Agar-agar, or other ingredients, and eat it? If I can, is the effects of the product still the same?

Adding an excipient like gelatin would be ok. Some even add it to their favourite protein shake(Vanilla and/or berry flavour preferred).
I’ve heard of people taking a scoop directly in the mouth. Sprinkle over fruit with yogurt. It’s ok to be creative.

Are your proteins Vegan

Our proteins are made from Dairy so Vegans won’t be able to consume our products.

Is Supernova Gluten Free? I have Celiac disease so this information is critical for mr to know.

It’s considered gluten free but we can’t say it on the label because it’s not certified. Lol.

Hello, I recently purchased your BCAA product.
BCAA 6000. It says the product is gluten free which is fantastic as I am a celiac. Unfortunately I also have a dairy allergy. I don't see any dairy in the ingredients but I just wanted to make sure that is the case. Also, if this product is produced on the same equipment as any other products that would have gluten dairy? Thank you for your time.

All non protein products we produce, like mBCAA, are manufactured in a facility free of allergens like dairy.

Does Anabolic State Contain Yeast, Milk Or Peanuts

Anabolic State is safe and is made in the same facility that does not produce anything with nuts or dairy. Anabolic state is not technically labelled as gluten free but all of the aminos are sourced from bacterial / fermentation culture and the other components are either synthetic or plant-based.

I am planning to buy couple of your products like Waxybolic and Anabolic. Before I go ahead with purchase, just want to ensure if your above mentioned products are vegetarian friendly or not.
I am lacto vegetarian who consumes dairy products but no animal by products including fish.

Is it safe for vegetarians, generally yes, this is correct. All of the aminos are sourced from bacterial / fermentation culture and the other components are either synthetic or plant-based.

However, consumers need to accept the fact that bacteria or microorganisms are vegan.

Is Hydropure Gluten Free? I can’t really say they are Gluten Free because it holds us liable. Even though we know most are gluten free.

Hydropure is technically gluten free.

Is Mass fusion Gluten Free

the ingredients are gluten free but we cannot certify it gluten free due to the fact that the product is made in a facility that processes ingredients sourced from wheat.

Knowing that the facility is cleaned thoroughly with each production run, the risk of cross contamination is next to none but it’s important to know that the ingredients itself are gluten free but there’s a warning on ALL proteins we make.

Are we gluten free

someone asked if we are considered gluten free since the label says "gluten free" but then we have a warning on the back of the label that says may contain wheat. You mentioned that we are gluten free.

Just becareful of wording. Technically, we are not allowed to say WE ARE GLUTEN FREE. We would need a certified label for that

The facility that processes our protein products also blends products with gluten. Due to strict Canadian Health Regulations we are required to place an allergen warning on the labels.

That doesn’t mean it WILL have gluten but the same machine that blends our powders also processes gluten products. So the possibility of sub particles cross contamination is possible.

Even if the machines are cleaned prior to each production. Basic GMP formalities.

Again, this only pertains to protein products since our non protein products are technically gluten free.

I just want to be cautious with our wording in case someone does get sick! 

I will add this to the "frequently asked questions" document 

Are their nuts in your product I interested in your products however I have a tree nut allergy. I don’t see any allergy alerts on your products so just wanted to check.

We have allergen statements on our proteins but our non proteins don’t require this since the facility does not process products with any trace allergens like nuts.

Hello, I would like to know if your old product, geranium 25, is actually 25 mg of DMAA. Because I've read that Geranium Maculatum does not contain DMAA. 

Let them know that the Geranium Maculatum did not contain the illegal DMAA.

I found a hair in my Anabolic State

Hello Stephen,

I’m very sorry to hear what happened.

I can assure you our systematic sifting machines ween out any contaminants.

Could you take a picture of the hair as well as pictures of the current bottle showing the inside, outside and then the LOT/Expiry?

We may ask that the bottle be sent back for inspection so please set it aside for now while we complete an investigation.

May I ask what your address is? We’d love to send you a replacement bottle if that’s possible? Maybe even another flavour?

Nutrabolics Inc.

When does Mass Fusion Expire

All proteins including Mass Fusion have an expiration date that lasts 3 years

I have found they are great value. However, I recently brought a 5lb bottle of banana flavoured isoblic and have been unable to drink it because it curdles and is very unpleasant when drunk. Could you please tell me if there is something wrong with this particular batch as I have never had a problem with isobolic before.

Let them know that we increased the casein in the product to make it more time released for our consumers. They may have a batch of that formula. Casein tends to “bunch” up and requires a little more vigorous shaking or the use of blender.

1. Is their any issue with close to expiry protein? 
No issues with close to expiry products. The dry powder can last far longer than the set expiration date.

2. I notice the labels don't match the labels on your site. The branding is different. Any reason?
 Some products have changed due to rebranding & compliance changes. Ingredients, label claims, design features, and nutritional facts tables.

3. Do you guys ever sell direct close to expiring products?
 We don’t but our retailers do. But they should be discounted.

I am currently taking your BCAA's. It says on the label to consult a physician if taking longer than 4 weeks. Most BCAA's allow you to take them daily. Why does yours suggest consulting a physician?

The BCAA product has that statement as a requirement by Health Canada compliance requirements. Soon you’ll see those types of warnings on all products. Merely a formality as any supplement intake should be monitored in some form.

Realistically, the worst thing that could ever happen is someone takes too much and they get a cramp.

Hi there, I bought expired product and I tried taking it back but the store manager said I could still consume this. Is it safe

You are fine to consume a product for up to a year past its expiry date.


The only primary issue after this time is that the nutritional value of the powder blend will begin to drop off as nutrients degrade.

Why is Hydropure called HydroPURE when it has WHEY ISOLATE in it

the protein ratio is mostly Hydrolyzed protein so the name simply reflects that. If we backed it up by saying it had 100% Hydrolyzed protein. Our definition more so reflects the clean/quality ingredients combined with the hydrolyzed blend of protein. No intention to trick the customer.

Is Supernova, STIMX and Anabolicstate Vegan


Hello my wife and I, who live in Alberta Canada, use Anabolic State continously tub after tub. I will know day that there have been 2 times..1 which is right now..we have had a certain flavour and then a month later got the same flavour at same location and the flavour profile is completely different, mainly weaker. What can we do when this happens? Why is it this happens? Thanks

Hello Aj,

Thank you for your inquiry and your support in our brand.  We apologize for the unfortunate circumstances that you are having regarding a certain flavour with Anabolic State. 

A few questions:
-What store did you purchase these products from?
-Did you try returning the product when you were noticing this pattern?
-Can you take a photo of the lot # and Expiry date of the product you are noticing this with currently?
-What flavour is it? 


I'm currently working out 5x a week intensively for once a day (1 hour) . I'm confused which fat burner to take but I have purchased carnabolic as it was one of the options on the shelf at popeyes. I do see you have others like Semtex, and thermal xtc. What is the difference and how can they be taken (individual, mixed) etc... 

Hello Russel,

Thank you for purchasing our Carnibolic and supporting Nutrabolics.

Semtex is our newest and strongest fat burner that comes in capsule form. Semtex provides euphoric energy, insane mental focus and also crushes cravings; you can feel Semtex working with its thermogenic ingredients so you are burning calories even at rest. You may click on the link to learn more:

Thermal XTC is similar to Semtex but not as strong - it provides euphoric energy, crushes cravings as well and comes in liquid form. You may click on the link for more info:

You may read their instructions on how they are individually taken and how they mix on the links I have provided. You may stack two but with any stimulant product stack, we do recommend you speak to your doctor first as we are unaware of any medical conditions you may have as well as any medications that may contradict with stimulants.

We also recommend you test your tolerance with stimulants before hand as well before stacking any two fat burners. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions,


Hi I bought your Semtex product expecting results got none 
I did get sick though physically .Bought the Semtex fat burning stoped taking still have the receipt plus whats left box . Let me know what u can do to cover the bad experience with this product. Everyone is diffrent physically . it cost me 61.96 with taxes. regards Deborah Biso

Hello Deborah,

Thank you for purchasing our Semtex. We do apologize for the bad experience you have encountered.

Regarding your results: Semtex is to be incorporated into a consistent exercise regimen as well as a diet plan. Results varies from person to person and we are noticing you have not finished the bottle as you mentioned in your email. We recommend a minimum of one bottle to begin seeing significant results with a consistent diet and exercise plan. It is not unusual for people to continue taking SEMTEX for 2 months as they really begin to notice changes.

Semtex has very potent ingredients and it is recommend that you begin with one capsule to test your tolerance while drinking 250ml of water and food to coat your stomach. You can then gradually increase your doing accordingly to how you feel. Everyone reacts differently to stimulants and it highly depends on water and food intake.


If you have the receipt and feel your experience was not to your expectations, we highly recommend that you try returning the product back to the store you purchased from. 

We apologize for the experience you had. Please let us know if you try returning this product.


I'm contacting you in regards to some of the packaging of your Nutrabolics Carnibolic. I haven't noticed it in any other supplements yet but this is the second time I've bought the Peach Mango Carnibolic and it's been impossible for me to open both containers by hand (and I can assure you I'm not that weak! Ha) .. I thought it was just the one random one that I had but it happened again right now for the second one. The foil that keeps it sealed/fresh, sticks to the lid and makes it impossible to twist it open. I've had to use a knife to pry the lid open. 

Hello Izabella,

Thank you for sending this 
We will let our facility know that they need to address the glue issue. They likely used too much during this production.

We take this quality issue seriously and we will be having a meeting with production on the matter.

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

We hope to have your continued support. 

Thank you.

Hi, I just bought the peach mango BCAA LOVE IT! However, I need to know much much potassium is in 1 scoop in mg please. Thank you so much 

Hello Andrea,

Thank you for your inquiry!

There’s no nutritional values for anything in that product.


Unless……you are asking about how much “Acesulfame Potassium” is in the product?


Unfortunately we cannot disclose the amounts but we can say that it’s well below 100mg per scoop.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Is MassFusion GMO Free

Maltodextrin, flavouring and WPC may contain GMO or may have NON-GMO certified ingredients but unless it’s certified GMO Free we cannot claim anything is free of GMO’s.

Non-GMO or GMO-Free products are formulated entirely on different paths with different ingredients from the beginning.