By Krysten Maier


Fitness dynamo Danielle Vaughn used to hate gym class; now she’s built a career around working out! A nutritionist and competitive bikini competitior, the gym is Danielle’s second home. From winning the Canadian Nationals the first time she entered in 2013 to competing at the prestigious Arnold Amateur, Danielle is an unstoppable force in the fitness world – not to mention she was named one of Canada’s sexiest women. We asked Danielle to spill her fitness secrets and tell us a little bit about her drive and dreams.


Q: How did you get started IN fitness?


Like a lot of women I was always just a cardio queen. I never wanted to get “bulky” so I stayed away from the weights, but my boyfriend at the time started showing me the ways around the weight room. We worked out together five days a week. I did everything he did, he showed me proper form, and slowly I started to love what weights were doing to my body. Everyone around the gym kept asking me when I was competing, or when my show was. That slowly started to plant the seed in my head to take things to the next level and start training for my first bikini fitness competition.


Q: How did it feel being named #3 in Inside Fitness’s Hot & Fit 100?


That was pretty cool and very unexpected. I actually didn’t even know the photographer was submitting my photos for consideration. All of a sudden I was getting texts from friends congratulating me! It’s truly an honor to have made Top 10 among so many beautiful women.


Q: What are your performance and aesthetic goals for 2017?


While it will always have a special place in my heart, after my show last year I decided to take a break from competing. This year for myself I am more focused on overall balance and loving my body all year round rather than trying to attain a specific criteria. I want to show people that the most important thing is being able to maintain a physique you are happy with


Q: BESIDES A BIKINI CHAMP You are a personal trainer; What drove you to want to motivate and shape other people’s fitness?


I started to receive inquiries about coaching others right from when my career started taking off. It’s so rewarding helping people feel good about themselves and achieve a body they never thought possible.


Q: Hailing from beautiful BC, do you take advantage of the outdoors in your training?


Living in Kelowna, British Columbia I like to use the outdoors when I can to get active, hiking, or biking down by the beaches. It doesn’t replace my gym sessions but it’s a nice mix. It’s just a different lifestyle out here, as being active and taking advantage of local and organically grown sources of food comes naturally, which I love.


Q: What does your workout split look like?


I combine cardio endurance with weight-lifting and sculpting in a heavily structured regime, inside and out of my personal training studio. My typical split includes Legs/Glutes (3x /week), Upper Body Circuit (1-2x /week), Spin Class (1x /week), and a Hike or 35min HIIT Stair Session (1x/week).


Q: What actions do you take for your post-training recovery?


EAT! I always place nutrition first and foremost, so a proper post workout meal and lots of water during the day is crucial, along with a mix of Nutrabolics supplements like BCAA’s and protein for muscle recovery.


Q: What Nutrabolics supps do you use?


When do you take them and how do you stack? My go-tos are the Thermal XTC along with Carnibolic pre-workout or pre-cardio. I take Anabolic State heavily during my workout and throughout the day for recovery or simply if I am bored of plain water. For protein I take Isobolic or Hydropure immediately post-workout, and last but not least, Athletes Food once a day for as a meal replacement.


Q: What advice would you give to women WHO ARE LOOKING TO COMPETE IN FITNESS?


It can be difficult in this growing world of fitness. Everyone is racing to become the next best upcoming athlete or Instagram influencer. The best thing you can do is follow your passion, work hard, be humble and stay true. The rest will follow.


Check out Danielle's Glutes Of Iron workout below and whip your backside into shape!




  • Stair Master with resistance band
    (10 min)
  • Resistance Band Smith Machine Glute Bridges
    (5 x 12 + 5 partials at top)
  • Resistance Band Leg Press with Abductors
    (4 x 15 + 10)
  • Kettlebell Sumo Squats
    (4 x 12)
  • Landmine Deadlifts
    (4 x 10)
  • Glute Kick Back Machine
    (4 x 10)
  • Leg Cable Kick Back
    (4 x 10 with 5 pulses at top)
  • Weighted Glute Extensions
    (4 x 12 + 5 partial reps)
  • Curtsy LungeS
    (4 x 20)
  • Hip Abductor
    (4 x 30 + reducing weight)