Stacking Synergy

Stacking Synergy

By Paul Teixeira


Taking one supplement is great for achieving quicker and more effective results, so what if you took two or more at the same time to amplify their effects? This is called, “stacking”, and happens to be the best way to take advantage of various unique synergistic effects which occur between key ingredients across multiple compounds. At Nutrabolics, stacking compatibility is something we build right into the DNA of our products – allowing both customers and pro athletes to create and utilize supplement stack systems to help optimize performance and results. Due to this fundamental stacking synergy, many combinations can be created that work to target and optimize your specific goals!


What follows are a few examples of how easy it is to create stacks to help anyone to achieve their performance and fitness goals in the quickest time. Every ingredient in our products is designed to work with at least one other ingredient in another product, so you know you are consuming the most dynamic performance-enhancing supplements in the industry, period. Add this to the fact that Nutrabolics supplements represent nothing less than the most innovative, high-quality, and well-researched ingredients on the planet and you’ve got a recipe for success. So, what are you waiting for? Build your own Nutrabolics stack and take advantage of the synergistic combination of our innovative formulas!




One of the single most universal goals for gym-goers is to lose weight – specifically body fat. By stacking the dual fat-burners Thermal XTC and Carnibolic together and in tandem with Hydropure protein will make for a dynamic body-sculpting system.


Working from the active side of the fat-burning spectrum, Thermal XTC serves as a pre-workout catalyst that ignites your metabolism prior to training for an intense boost of energy, increased thermogenic activity – and ultimately, more calories burned. Carnibolic, on the other hand, works from the passive side of the fat-burning spectrum as an all-day fat and appetite suppressant. L-Carnitine and a variety of key weight-management ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract combine in Carnibolic to help reduce food cravings, support decreased fat storage, and naturally improve energy levels in the absence of the more intense energy rush and metabolic acceleration of Thermal XTC, creating an extended daily metabolic optimization. In addition, Thermal XTC works in tandem with Carnibolic’s craving suppressants by helping to enhance mood during tough dieting regimens or pre-competition carb deprivation. By stacking these two, every component of weight loss is both addressed and co-supported by each product.


Though counter-intuitive, you can even add a lean protein like Hydropure to stack on more fat-burning potential. This elite-level protein supplement contains ultra-premium Hydrolyzed whey protein and whey protein isolate – delivering over 93% protein, 5.9 grams of BCAAs, and 13 grams of EAAs! Why would added calories from protein add to this stack’s fat-burning benefits? Well, studies have found that whey protein supplementation is associated with decreases in total body fat percentage. In fact, since whey protein builds muscle and increases muscle mass, it is directly related to a higher metabolic rate – making it much easier to burn fat and decrease overall body fat percentage. We highly recommend taking advantage of how this shredding stack offers synergistic cross-formula benefits that take your training innovation to a whole new level!





By pairing your weight-lifting program with the right combination of muscle support supplements you can meet and even surpass your training goals and perceived personal limits.


Your body produces hormones like Testosterone as a natural part of the muscle-building process, but you can also enhance androgenic production naturally through supplementation. Aggro is designed to prime the body for muscle growth. It does so by optimizing the body’s most anabolic hormones: testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone (GH). Firstly, it works to boost testosterone levels so that the body is consistently at its anabolic potential, ready to repair and build muscle! Secondly, it optimizes insulin sensitivity while also acting as an insulin “mimetic” or effects emulator. This insulin optimization literally shunts consumed amino acids and other performance-enhancing nutrients to muscles, especially if Aggro is taken post-training with a post-workout meal. Finally, Aggro supports a boosted natural release of growth hormone (GH) to increase strength, muscle repair, and immune function. Essentially, the body turns into a full-blown anabolic factory! Provided you are eating enough of the right types and amounts of nutrients to support muscle growth, the body can better utilize its available anabolic building blocks to surpass your goals!


Perfect solution, right? Well, sure - but the problem is that many athletes don’t get enough daily amino acids to maximize their muscle growth and decrease recovery time. This means that while Aggro may enhance the hormones and biological precursors that signal muscle growth and gains, much of this progress can be compromised if your body enters a catabolic state at any point during aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Adding Anabolic State to your intra-workout regimen will provide the body with proven anti-catabolic effects from BCAAs and other amino acids like HICA that are absorbed directly while muscle damage is happening. This ensures that muscle repair and growth begins right in the gym! After training, a scoop of Isobolic will provide a sustained-release of fast and slow-digesting proteins, acting as an extended anabolic fuel to your muscles for ultimate growth and repair! Each piece of this stack contributes all of the essential ingredients for muscle building – all that’s left is food, training, and sleep!





Training is best when you are on your game ­— strength is high, energy is at its peak, and the pump is incredible! Realistically though, how many days in the gym do we have like this? If you’re like me, then you have less of these than days where you are tired, stressed, or simply lacking the energy. Let’s face it, we are not at our best every single day – but what if there was a stack that could guarantee that you are at your peak energy and performance for every single training session? Try adding Supernova, Anabolic State, and Waxybolic to your supplement arsenal to experience intense training.


Supernova is a potent pre-workout training powerhouse! It includes a massive 6 grams of citrulline malate for increased vascularity, pumps, and nutrient transport to working muscles! Beta alanine and betaine anhydrous add to the ingredients that enhance muscle strength and muscular endurance. Finally, the exclusive 4X Energy Core Technology and psychoactive nootropics work simultaneously to ignite your nervous system with an overload of energy, intensity, and laser focus! Despite Supernova’s phenomenal effects, adding Anabolic State only furthers its benefits. The vasodilating properties of the citrulline malate found in Supernova will increase blood flow along with the transfer of the various anabolic amino acids found in Anabolic State to working muscles – enhancing the pump, increasing strength, and repairing damaged muscle tissues faster for optimal gains!


On its own this small stack is already extremely powerful, so when you add Waxybolic into the mix you are looking at the ultimate synergistic performance enhancing effects! It delivers rapid- and sustained-release carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen stores, volumize muscle cells, and improve overall recovery rates! The highly branched waxy maize starches and glucose polymers speed through digestion and flood hungry muscle cells, shuttling the powerful anabolic ingredients found in Supernova and Anabolic State along with them. All 3 of these can be mixed with one another due to a patented flavour-matching technology! The synergistic combination of these three products make for an energetic and intense training session, with an incredible pump! Every. Single. Time.