By Dean Maier


The possibilities for enhancing one’s body and performance are as daunting as they are infinite, so it isn’t often that a product enters the scene and blows up the industry – yet this was the case with one of Nutrabolics’ newest products, Supernova. With a chain reaction of popularity both domestically and internationally, the progressive and heavy-hitting pre-workout recently received Popeye’s Supplements prestigious industry designation of New Product of the Year, affirming the impact it is making on both consumer performance and the industry as a whole.




With pixy dusting still the rule rather than the exception across the industry, problems of supplement efficacy and safety still run rampant, all to the disadvantage of the end-user. Exaggerated prop blends are especially problematic in ingredient-heavy performance enhancers and nootropics like pre-workouts. Nutrabolics’ introduction of Supernova represents the tip of the spear in a dynamic industry push towards offering consumers quality supplements that work. Premiering as the very first new product launched under Nutrabolics’ 4th generation product evolution, Supernova owned the new high-tech look of the brand with a name that truly represented its explosive benefits. Built on the foundations of formulaic disclosure, Supernova leads an all-new class of fully transparent pre-workouts; featuring 9 clinically-proven ingredients in high-efficacy dosages with zero proprietary blends. Between the 6000 mg of stamina-enhancing citrulline malate, 1600 mg of patented CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, 600 mg of Dendrobium, exclusive 4X Energy Core Technology, and other leading active ingredients, Supernova was and still is a force to be reckoned with.




In the months following its inception and launch, Supernova began to demonstrate its true disruptive potential. The powerful new pre blasted into the pre-workout scene with a high-impact video launch and coverage on several major industry digital and print platforms. Within weeks of its July 2015 launch, popularity for the supplement grew exponentially as it dominated retail shelves across Canada.


The pattern of popularity might have been predictable when compared with other products of its kind and category – the initial pre-hype wave drives a sales spike then things begin to level off and continue at a moderate rate – but this was not the case. Rather, Supernova’s market behavior was like that of self-driving catalyst, with growth and demand building exponentially from the innovative edge the product brought to quality-hungry consumers. The Explosive Pre-Workout Amplifier carried this momentum into international markets like the US and Australia, and has since gained international traction as a leading pre that rivals the offerings of other industry giants. Inventory was grabbed off of retailer shelves faster than it could be stocked and it was clear that the consumers had spoken – innovation and transparency rule above all else.




Supernova has become so in demand that at the 2016 Olympia, Nutrabolics had the honour of winning Popeye’s Supplements prestigious 2017 New Product of the Year award for the pre-workout. As Canada’s largest supplement retailer with over 125 locations, the award designation represents a true honour that Nutrabolics has happily accepted as validation of the many years of research and months of design, formulation, and production behind the supplement.


“This product was our knockout punch for the industry to finally realize that in this generation, consumers want better,” says Nutrabolics Co-CEO Jayson Wyner. “We always knew we had something special with Supernova but we never dreamed it would be as successful as it has been. We wanted to create something that really hit hard but that also defied the industry norm in terms of all the companies running prop blends on their formulas. Pre-workouts are an especially tough category for this so we wanted to make something powerful for our loyal customers – an experience that would give them a hardcore performance boost while actually showing them what and how much of each ingredient was combining to create the end result.”


With the perfect combination of explosive energy, nootropic focus, skin-splitting pumps, and limit-breaking stamina, this highly balanced and performance-optimized pre-workout has since helped gym rats and pro bodybuilders around the world amplify their training and results, leave their competition lightyears behind. Co-Owner Rodney Dupont notes that Nutrabolics “is incredibly grateful to all of its partners and customers who have been primarily responsible for the runaway success of the product. We will continue our mandate to provide premium and effective supplements to the dedicated and discerning athletes who use them every day.”