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    Are you ready to ignite muscle growth and power like never before?  Welcome to a new evolution in muscle building, HEMOTEST 2XC™ AND HEMOTROPIN 2XC.™ Based on the revolutionary science behind our HEMOTEST™ and HEMOTROPIN™ supplements, our new 2XC series boasts a formulation of powerful new ingredients that will take your body's natural ability to produce growth hormone and testosterone beyond the limits of what you though possible.   Driving HEMOTEST 2XC™ is the potent Bulbine Natalensis, which has been clinically proven to jack up testosterone levels by a staggering 347%, decrease estrogen levels by 35%, and even out-perform a major pharmaceutical prosexual drug in boosting sexual arousal!  At the core of HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ is a cutting edge GH Peptide Hexamino, which has even been proven to be as effective intravenously administered Growth Hormone Releasing Hormine (GHRH) in stimulating GH production.  While interacting with our signature R.E.M. Sleep enhancing Matrix this product is designed to stimulate fat-burning, maintain overnight anabolic processes, and produce more restful sleeps.   When stacked together HEMOTROPIN 2XC and HEMOTEST 2XC are designed to specifically to set you up for efficient gains in muscle growth and power.  This pair of hardcore supplements are set to release next month so stay posted.


    Nutrabolics® is excited to reveal the signing of Vancouver’s own fitness personality, Mindy Karuk.  The Manitoba-born athlete currently resides on the West Coast where she’s involved in a myriad of empowering projects.  Along with holding a WBFF Pro title, Mindy is also a personal trainer and lifestyle consultant, helping to change and shape lives while striving to keep them modest and genuine along the way.  Adding to her diverse list of personas are: radio show host, makeup artist, actress and writer.    “As a top-level WBFF Pro Fitness Diva & accomplished fitness celebrity, Mindy definitely lives the Nutrabolics lifestyle and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a valued member of Team Nutrabolics,” says Nutrabolics CEO, Rodney Dupont.   Despite being featured in over 10 major magazines, Mindy still retains the humble attitude that any real champion should possess.    When asked how she felt about her recent partnership, she mentioned that she is "…very proud and honoured to be aligned with Nutrabolics, and will look forward to a long relationship with them." Nutrabolics® wishes her the best of luck and looks forward to supporting her efforts in this new partnership.


    Nothing hits you harder or faster than the massive pumps and surging energy of SWOLLEN™, Nutrabolics’ 2x ultra-concentrated pre-workout.  Now available in our new powdered form, SWOLLEN™ is loaded with pure L-Citrulline, AstraGin,™ and our exclusive AE2™ Arginine Matrix.  Get ready for the fiercest workouts of your life!

BLOG OF THE MONTH: Shannon Lynch

    Hi Nutrabolics fans!   My name is Shannon Lynch and I am 29 year-old Canadian National bikini competitor and Nutrabolics brand ambassador who lives in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is my first Nutrabolics blog post and I’m very excited to share with you what I have been up to these last few months as well as what I have planned for the summer ahead!   This past winter and early spring I devoted my time to preparing for the IFBB World Qualifier (previously known as the Canadian Natural Physique Championships), which was held on April 28th in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This was my second trip to the Canadian Nationals stage since rescinding my WBFF pro card last April in order to return to CBBF as an amateur so that I could pursue my all-time dream of earning an IFBB pro card. Last year I finished 2nd to my fitness friend and now IFBB Pro Veronique Morin this year I was close again, placing 2nd to fellow Nutrabolics Brand Ambassador Angeline Jeanson – Nutrabolics represented well!   About my prep:   I began my prep in early January but had quite a bit of work to do in the conditioning department; thankfully I was lucky enough to partner-up with Nutrabolics and was able to depend on their high-quality products to fuel me through my prep! My workouts were high intensity in order to burn the max possible calories per session so I relied on Thermal XTC to get me going in the morning for these butt-kicking workouts. I’m not a fan of eating in the morning before heading to the gym so during my workouts I would sip one scoop of Anabolic State (in Fruit Punch) mixed with a water bottle full of ice cold water – sipping on this BCAA drink helped me preserve my hard earned muscle without inhibiting fat burning (aka my main priority). Post workout, I would drink 1 scoop of Glutabolic mixed with water (to help speed post-workout recovery) and would then prepare my favorite go-to smoothie recipe for breakfast:   Shannon’s Favorite Way to Start the Day Smoothie Recipe   1 cup of water 1 Scoop Nutrabolics Protein Powder in Vanilla 1/3 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup frozen berries 1/2 cup frozen chopped kale 1 tsp cocoa powder 1 tbsp salba 1 tsp peanut or almond butter   Blend and voila! Simple, easy, healthy, delicious and nutritious and pro fat burning!   Last but certainly not least, I would take NutrabolicsHemotropin before bed and would end up sleeping like a rock – ask any seasoned competitor and they will tell you that sleep is just as important as training!   So since I didn’t walk away with my pro card that weekend, I am now looking forward to my next opportunity to earn my IFBB Pro Card. For me that will be the IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on August 31, 2012 – which is only 10 short weeks away! This is the same event that Nutrabolics Sponsored Athlete Natalie Waples won her IFBB Pro Card at four years ago. She is planning on making the trip with me so hopefully having her there will bring me extra luck! So between now and then I plan on dusting off my sneakers and lifting gloves and hitting the gym HARD as I did take a much needed break to focus on academics after the World Qualifier. I’m a lot closer starting-out now than I was for my show last April so I’m optimistic about bringing a tighter and more shrink-wrapped physique to the stage thistime. Outside of the gym I plan on enjoying the beautiful weather in Halifax by taking the love of my life – my Yorkshire terrier Abby – on lots of walks on Halifax’s Citadel Hill (I’ve included a photo of us relaxing this past Sunday on the hill!), spending time on patios with friends (drinking club soda mind you!) oh and of course I will do everything that I can to make it to home to Cape Breton Island for a few weekends as well as enjoy the local Halifax beaches on sunny weekend days!     I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! I look forward to checking in again with you Nutrafans in the near future! In the meantime feel free to follow me for updates or ask me questions on Twitter @ShannonLynchFit and on Facebook    All the best!   Shannon


    Congratulations to Rush Nutrition! You are this month's Nutrabolics WALL OF BLACK winner for your impressive mirrored store display of Nutrabolics supplements.   The WALL OF BLACK Contest is an exclusive Canadian retailer program; if your store or gym is interested in entering the WALL OF BLACK contest for a chance to win monthly prizes and global exposure, please submit all entries to


    Nutrabolics is proudly celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary with this summer's hottest event - The Blackout Long Weekend Party.  This premiere event is happening at Yaletown's Bar None on August 5th, 2012.  Join us for the latest House and Hip-Hop, sexy fitness models, prizes for the hottest guy and girl dressed in black, and even a $2000 supplement giveaway!  Presale tickets are $10, contact for sales.  Be there in black or get left in the dark!


    We would like to announce the exciting addition of WBFF Pro Bikini Model, Candice Rae, to our team of Nutrabolics Ambassadors. We are pleased to have Candice join us and welcome her to Team Nutrabolics.  Be sure to follow Candice on her journey to the WBFF World Championships Aug 24th/25th, 2012, where she will be competing in the Pro Bikini category. 


    Congratulations to Adrian Veinot who took this past month's WBFF competition by Storm.  Adrian out-muscled the competition and placed 1st the Male Muscle Model category at this year's WBFF Atlantic Canada Championships.  This is an unparalleled victory for Adrian and Nutrabolics is proud to support him in his tremendous bodybuilding efforts.


It's been another great event at this year's Toronto Pro Show, which took place June 1st - 3rd.  Thanks to our distributor Empire for continuing to help make this event a successful one for us and to Nutrabolics Ambassador Lisa Delayne who was on scene managing our booth at the show.  We appreciate all the fans who came out and look forward to seeing everyone next year.


    Nutrabolics wants to send you and a friend to "Sin City" for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition and expo - the world's biggest fitness and bodybuilding event!  One lucky Nutra fan has a chance to win a VIP style Olympia experience: airfare and 2 nights accommodations for them and a guest, passes to the Olympia, and $1000 in Nutrabolics products!  Sound good?  Here's how to enter.   Get the details on our contest page.


    Finding that you are "hitting the wall" prematurely during your workouts?  Chances are your pre-workout carb intake is either too low or too inconsistent to support efficient glycogen and ATP production, limiting your full workout potential.  Evolve your carbohydrate nutrition today with WAXYBOLIC.™  Nutrabolics has reinvented its award winning WAXYBOLIC™ formula, which now contains 5 different types of supercarbs, and is designed to provide consistent, sustained glycogen production and even thermogenesis!  You won't settle for an ordinary carb supplement again.


    Want to absolutely dominate in the gym?  Well then you've got to start training like an "Alpha Male".  Unleash your natural potential with the Alpha Mass Stack.  This bad-boy is Nutrabolics' ultimate mass gaining stack and is designed to maximize a heavy but well-balanced nutritional intake while elevating your body's anabolic processes.  The Alpha Mass Stack includes ISOGAINER,™ SWOLLEN,™ ANABOLIC STATE,™ HEMOTEST,™ AND HEMOTROPIN.™  Try it today and lock down your target size. 


    When I look back to the way I used to live my life, I am grateful everyday that I decided to get into fitness. Sure living fit has changed my body, but a change in my mind is where needed the most help.   I always receive comments from people saying they wish they had half the will power, determination and dedication that I have. This amuses me because I used to not be able to make myself do anything. Everyone makes excuses, it is a natural human tendency. I STILL run through the list of why I should not do something - like "I'm too tired", "I'll just work extra hard tomorrow", "Eating this won't effect me that much", etc!  Now I just choose to overrule these thoughts - and you can too!   Your mind is a wild animal unless you learn to control your thoughts. Your mind can take you as far as you want to go in life or you can decided to limit your existence and waste all of your potential. You choose.   In my past I had suffered major substance abuse. I would do anything to drown out the war going on between my ears. I did not like the person I pretended to be, and it manifested in the way I looked at myself in the mirror. So I did something about it!   To transform yourself inside and out is painful. Straight up. But the pain of change is only temporary, where the pain of staying where you are, drowning in unhappiness, lasts a lifetime.   If you do not have something in life that you are working towards, you're dead! Everyone has a dream. You may have forgotten about it or considered it impossible. I have proof that if you decide to go after something with everything you've got, envisioning success in every moment, regardless of what you see or feel in the natural - you can achieve anything!   You can't just snap your fingers and change your way of thinking, you need to start small and practise on little things. In the moment that you have the opportunity to either decide to do something that brings you closer to your goal or to decide to make 10,000 excuses why you should avoid the choice that you know you should make, tell yourself to shut up and win that moment. As you increase the moments that you win as apposed to giving in, eventually you will wake up a different person.   I challenge you to first become aware of how you are thinking, then become aware of the dumb excuses you are making in your head, then practise overruling them.   I believe in you!   - Hoops  Xo


  Congratulations to Reflex Langley! You are this month's Nutrabolics WALL OF BLACK winner for your amazing store display, which showcased a products.   The WALL OF BLACK Contest is an exclusive Canadian retailer program; if your store or gym is interested in entering the WALL OF BLACK contest for a chance to win monthly prizes and global exposure, please submit all entries to


  Nutrabolics wants to send you and a friend to glamorous Las Vegas for the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition and expo!  The Olympia is the world's hottest bodybuilding and sports supplement event and you can experience it first-hand!  One lucky Nutra fan has a chance to win airfare and 2 nights accommodations for them and a guest.  While experiencing the high-charged atmosphere of Sin City in style, our contest winner will also receive passes to the Olympia and $1000 in Nutrabolics products!  Sound good?   Get the details on our contest page.

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