Community Manager (Social Media and Athlete coordination)

Florida Sales Associate

Texas Sales Associate


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Position: Community Manager

Reports to: Art Director

You live and breathe social media. Online communities are your world and your language consists of tweets, likes, posts, followers, and hash-tags. You are a professional communicator with the expertise to use the latest digital platforms to share amazing content and interact with massive fan-bases. You have a unique gift for creating engaging messages in the voice of whatever industry you take on. You are lightning fast to respond to customer interaction and diplomatic in mediating complaints or negative interaction. You are a team player and understand that building an online community is a collaborative process.Graphic design might be something you bring to the table and you take pride in preparing some or all of your own content with direction from a marketing team.

You have an inextinguishable positive attitude. To you, crazy workloads and tight deadlines are simply reminders you that you are working towards something great! While you can take direction and feedback well, you are adept at taking the lead when you need to – or taking initiative when you don’t! Your great sense of humour and approachable demeanour allow you to contribute as much to a team atmosphere as you do to your brand messaging.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to find out what you are made of!

As a Community Manager on our team you will be expected to:

  • Build an exciting and engaging community experience for our brand’s multiple platforms
  • Source and edit amazing industry and brand-specific images
  • Write and schedule 8 Nutrabolics posts with focused brand messaging and imagery – a minimum of 1 week in advance in Hootsuite for review by the Co-CEO/Art Director
  • Develop targeted strategies for existing social tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to generate brand awareness, drive traffic and increase engagement to achieve sales targets and initiatives.
  • Monitor, respond to and moderate social media conversations and product inquiries
  • Pro-actively seek out and nurture brand conversations and cross-promotion on Instagram or other platforms through hashtag curation
  • Explore new social platforms and online tools to generate engagement
  • Create/collaborate on various digital campaigns and evaluate analytics to generate actionable reports on recommended content / promotions.
  • Own, create, and execute weekly contests to promote engagement and lead-generation
  • Follow strict social media best practices guidelines
  • Manage a team of 30+ athletes, affiliates, and paid influencers to leverage brand exposure and generate content
  • Manage brand communications/representation on peripheral media platforms like industry forums, video bloggers, and related websites
  • Own the information distribution for brand news throughout the athlete and social network
  • Respond to & handle all customer service inquiries through social media and web, ensuring excellent customer service, redirecting inquiries when necessary and offering a consistent brand experience
  • Immerse yourself in the supplement/fitness industry while learning and applying knowledge about the benefits of supplement ingredients and Nutrabolics products.
  • Report regularly to the Co-CEO and Art Director on social media growth and areas of improvement

Knowledge and Skills

  • Extensive applied skills and best-practices knowledge of how to optimize engagement on a variety of platforms and leverage them to build a strong brand community (Hootsuite, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, etc.)
  • Able to quickly review and analyze social media metrics
  • Solid understanding of digital content, communication and marketing principles
  • Experience using digital marketing tools (Unbounce, Shortstack, Mailchimp,Optimizely, Twilo,, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Hotjar) is a plus
  • Strong applied experience in using digital marketing tools like Facebook power editor, ShortStack contest builder,online moderation tools like Zendesk, Google Analytics, and more
  • Experience with basic photo editing & graphic design via Adobe CS or other programs
  • Complete familiarity with MS Office Suite
  • Highly creative, strategic thinker with ability to develop fresh, executable ideas
  • Superior verbal and written skills to create amazing brand messaging and communicate effectively with consumers, retailers, industry partners, and our athlete team
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and able to self-edit whileexecuting multiple projects
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an unconditionally positive attitude to work effectively in a small team environment
  • Proven track record of managing/growing successful online communities (experience growing a health, wellness, or fitness brand, is a huge plus!)
  • Ability to be cool and collected while taking direction and constructive feedback


  • A Bachelor's degree or certificatein communications / social media / PR or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 2 years of social media / community management experience


This is an in-house salaried position paying $42,600 per annum. The successful candidate will enjoy other company benefits including extended health coverage, a monthly gym membership, paid down-town parking and annual company events.