Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the 2021 Nutrabolics Keto Liquid Fast Challenge! 

The goal of this challenge is to help you on your journey to transform your body! 

To enter this challenge, you must use the Nutrabolics products and diet as found on

In order to enter the challenge you need to upload a photo and or video to your Instagram story, tag @nutrabolics and the mention that this is day 1 of the Nutrabolics Keto Liquid Fast Challenge and show all the products required in the challenge.

Submission of your post via Instagram by tagging Nutrabolics constitutes your express consent and permission for Nutrabolics to use your name, photographs, videos in whole or in part) for promotional and advertising purposes to promote Nutrabolics, its business, and the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge, in any media and in any manner whatsoever, as well as it’s vendors and affiliates without limitation or restriction, and such consent is deemed given by your entry and participation in the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge. Registration and final profile must include a before and after showing the contestants before and after body. In photos the contestants are to stand with their arms at their sides and to include their entire body, from head to toe. Photos and or videos should be taken against a simple background. Copyrighted photos should not be sent and will disqualify you should you choose to send.

This challenge is open to all countries who are able to access the supplements required in the challenge.

Foreign winners must be able to retrieve the prize from a North American address to be eligible to win. 

You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to win.

By submitting your photo and or video for the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge, you understand that the images, videos and text you submit to us become the sole property of Nutrabolics and that Nutrabolics is free to use your images however we see fit as well as to share them with its vendors and affiliates.

Your before and after photos and videos must be the originals and not altered. 


Keto Liquid Fast Challenge participants may register once each month during the contest for an opportunity to win. The contest is open between the months of May-Sept 

If you enter more than once we will choose your submission based on results and the way you articulated your journey as your submission. 

All entries must be completed in the English language. Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Entries may be submitted at any time during the 5-month competition period but to be entered for the most current Challenge. Winners will be announced within 1 month after the end of the challenge. 


Entries are judged by team Nutrabolics based on the physical changes and the articulation of their journey through the form of daily progress video/image submissions on Instagram. The Nutrabolics team will select Keto Liquid Fast Challenge winners from all eligible and completed entries. We will choose the most qualified candidates each month out of all of the registrations that come in. 


Finalists may be asked to do a short interview before any prizes are awarded. Two Champions will be rewarded with endorsement contract to become exclusive endorsers for Nutrabolics and enter into a one-year exclusive endorsement agreement.

The winners must be capable of providing an honest endorsement of their own results using Nutrabolics supplements. Please tag us each day during your 7-day challenge and say or mention any changes you have noticed in in your progress.

We highly recommend that after you have completed the challenge you do a video under 60 seconds discussing your journey and the progress and tag @nutrabolics

All winners are responsible for all applicable taxes; prizes are not transferable; and there will be no substitutions for the prizes.

The winners will be decided by Nutrabolics. We’ll be contacting the winners by direct message on Instagram, so be sure you check your dm regularly between November 1st-7th, 2021 

We will select 2 Champions of the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge who will win the monetary prizes and receive product reimbursement of products purchased during the challenge, as well as become exclusive endorsers for Nutrabolics provided they agree to enter into our one-year exclusive endorsement agreement. That means that as a winner you get cash, supplements and automatic elevation to fitness celebrity status! 

There will also be prize packs for runner’s up to the Champions who will receive compensation and prizes.

Winners are solely responsible for any taxes, custom duties and/or shipping of your prizes in the event that you win. We can only ship the monetary prize to a North


Nutrabolics reserves the right to interpret these rules and, if necessary, to amend the rules at its sole discretion and without notice to individual participants. Any amendments to the rules or changes in prizes will be published online at Rule interpretations and all judging decisions are final. Nutrabolics Challenge decision making are confidential and will not be disclosed.

Each participant assumes all risk of injury, harm or loss of any kind arising from participation in the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge. Consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you are not experienced with dieting, or if you are changing your exercise program, consult with a qualified trainer or coach. Participants in the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge expressly release Nutrabolics, affiliated companies, and the directors, officers and employees of any of them from all risk, loss, injury, damage or harm that may arise from participating in the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge.

Submission of your completed entry shall be deemed your acceptance of these Rules and Regulations (as may be amended) and your voluntary transfer to Nutrabolics of all right, title, and interest, including copyright, of your photographs, videos and written responses. All information and materials submitted become the sole and exclusive property of Nutrabolics once you enter the contest in the manner set out in this agreement. Once pictures and/or videos are submitted as part of the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge they become the sole property of Nutrabolics and may not be used in another competition.