KETO LIQUID Fast — Do you even Keto?

KETO LIQUID Fast — Do you even Keto?

By @nutrabolicscofounder


What pops into your head if I asked you to picture the owner of a sports nutrition company? Is it a jacked-up guy in a suit crunching numbers on a calculator with one hand and doing biceps curls under his desk with the other?? Or is it a protein-guzzling executive with 22-inch arms running out of a meeting just to make sure he gets his mid-morning shake in??  


Regardless of what you pictured, I bet nowhere to be found in your imagination was a sports nutrition founder with a gut the size of a Thanksgiving turkey, threatening to pop several shirt buttons every time he sits down! Well I am that CEO and I can shamefully admit that, while my belly doesn’t have to be basted every thirty minutes, that last image was at one point the closest to my reality


When I co-founded Nutrabolics back in 2002 at the age of 22, I was a total rat—and I’m not talking about eating trash and living in a hole of an apartment (although that definitely was not far from my college experience!). By day I was a gym rat, working out twice daily and playing competitive men’s basketball against NBA & European league players in their offseason. By night I was the lab rat for my fledgeling start-up company, dutifully testing all the products we were designing alongside these serious workouts. The combination was undeniable—I was bulking like a Costco gold member on Black Friday. I was at the height of my game and in the best shape of my life…



Fast-forward 16 years. The difference in my lifestyle from then to now is night and day. Between working all hours running an international brand, to spending quality time with my son, family & friends, gym-time had completely fallen by the wayside. I was lucky if I got in a quick jog once a week. I knew I was not living my best Nutrabolics life, but I had fallen so far off the wagon that I didn’t have the motivation to climb up out of the donut-hole I had dug for myself. 


That was where I was at this time just over one year ago, right around the time of the 2017 Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. The O is the biggest fitness expo in North America, and we had a brand-new massive 600 sq ft booth at the expo with meetings lined up every hour on the hour with new & potential customers around the globe. It is invariably a highlight of my year for our brand, and always a great time being in Viva Las Vegas. To give you an idea of a typical “Nutrabolics Olympia,” picture a lot of poolside drinks and jaw-dropping parties with the coolest people in sports nutrition, and the top fitness models on this planet. It’s virtually impossible to have a bad time. Or so I thought…


At the Olympia I ended up going to an annual meeting with one of the biggest retail chains in sports nutrition, however, this year I was in was in for a nasty surprise. The guys I met with, who had known me for years, were shocked at my appearance. These guys—my so-called friends—were laughing at how big I had gotten.  You can’t imagine my embarrassment! I just wanted to shrink away into a dark casino and sink coins into the slots until it was time to catch the flight back.


I tried laughing it off, making excuses to them. I was single (no one to keep me in line!). I was eating out all the time (there’s just too much amazing high-carb sushi in Vancouver!). I didn’t have time for the gym and I was trying to drown my life stresses in Kettle One Vodka. But my excuses were no match for reality. When jabs turned into pot shots that I couldn’t ignore, I knew the truth had reared its ugly head.


At some point later during that trip, someone snapped a pic of me poolside. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I thought I was looking at a washed-up adult version of Chunk from the Goonies! I was disgusted— I was fat, bloated, and completely out of shape. And just like that, the trip that was supposed to be impossible not to enjoy became one of the lowest points of my year. 

ketogenic diet

Seeing this photo was a huge eye-opener and I knew a change needed to be made. I was the Co-CEO of a supplement company, yet I had fallen completely out of shape and out of line from the very principles our products and brand were built on. I was advocating for a healthy lifestyle but I wasn’t following my own advice. I wasn’t even working out, let alone supplementing. I felt like a phoney and I was determined to put an end to it. 


After the disastrous Vegas trip—and I’ll admit, one final bender fuelled on self-pity and sheer pig-headedness—I knew I had to formulate a plan. I set myself the goal of returning to the Olympia Expo the following year a lean machine, not the butt of Mr Olympia joke. I did my research and pieced together my new fitness & diet regime.


I started ordering meal prep from a great local company called MealsAWeight. I got a membership at the Equinox near Nutrabolics HQ. I got a personal trainer and started working out with a vengeance. In seven months I went from 277 lbs to 250 lbs, which felt pretty great. Despite my small victories, even that wasn’t enough. I had hit a wall in my training, and my dieting, and I was not losing any more weight.


ketogenic diet

Fast forward one year and that brings us to today. I recently got back from Vegas again for the 2018 Mr. Olympia. While the reception from my retailers was a lot less biting—they were all impressed with the weight loss I had achieved and said I looked great —looking at pics from the pool again this year told me that I was doing still wasn’t enough. I still wasn’t happy with how I looked. I was going to have to try something a bit more extreme… and fast!


The extreme that I am referring to is a PSMF diet, also known as the Protein Sparing Modified Fast, which is a high protein/high fat ketosis-based way of eating designed to BURN FAT FAST. Although it might sound counterintuitive to eat fat in order to lose fat, ketosis-based diets – when done correctly – have been proven to result in a rapid breakdown of stored body fat while maintaining muscle mass. This type of diet was initially developed by medical professions to help obese individuals shed fat quickly, so you know it’s serious business.


It is November 6 and I have 1 month before our Nutrabolics Christmas Party and my target is to lose another 20 lbs of pure fat in the next 21 days. That would bring me down to 230 lbs for the first time since high school. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I’m turning myself into the lab rat once more to try first hand my own spin on the Keto and PSMF diets. I like to call it, KETO LIQUID FAST. As a four-week program designed to shed 20-30 lbs of pure fat, it’s about as hardcore a keto diet as it gets.


For my extreme keto scheme, it’s not just the glutenous bad boys like pasta and bread and I will be giving up, it’s basically (how do I put this?) no solid foods whatsoever. In order for this to work, I will have to survive on a diet of fatty oils and protein shakes—50/50 fats and clean proteins adding up to 1100 calories per day.


With the significant deficit to the caloric requirement to maintain my current 250 lb stature, my own body fat will contribute heavily to my daily energy expenditure. To maintain my current RMR (resting metabolic rate) of 2170, I will need to keep up regular exercise on an ultra-low calorie intake. Without workouts, my RMR will plunge and my body might start to cannibalize itself (i.e. muscle tissue will catabolize, scientifically speaking) as a source of protein to hit ketosis. In case I have to spell it out for you…That is not a good thing!!

That’s why keeping up a high protein intake is so important to the plan. The four protein shakes I will be sucking back every day will be what really keeps me going. Since we haven’t yet finished putting the final touches on our upcoming Nutrabolics KETO MRP Meal Replacement Powder, I will be blending my own customized KETO shakes using our ISOBOLIC Premium Sustained-Release protein.

 The four different protein sources in this product are absorbed in different rates, preventing the body from falling into a catabolic state – perfect for the demands of my KETO LIQUID FAST Diet. Time-release is also the way to go here because Isolate proteins when taken at times outside of the post-workout anabolic window, can spike insulin levels which is a big no-no. It should also keep me full for longer (which I will need with no actual food!) and maintain a steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream. Four shakes a day equal 500 calories.


nutrabolics liquid keto fast ketocarbFor the fat portion of my fasting grind, I have chosen to ingest a combination of MCT (extracted from coconut oil) and avocado oil. MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are easily digested and absorbed into the body, help you use more fat instead of carbs for energy, and produces those sought-after ketones in the blood. Plus, MCTs are known to make you feel full which, for someone existing on a liquid diet, is everything. Avocado oil adds the benefits of being monounsaturated which fulfils those essential omega-3 fatty acid requirements and is also good for cardiac health and cholesterol levels. The oils count for 500 calories. 


If you’ve been paying attention, that leaves 100 calories unaccounted for, and I’m about to blow your mind with where they happen to be coming from. I am one of a lucky few in the world to have access to a beta-testing supply of our upcoming KETO CARB product, which will round out my diet. You can put down your carb-shovelling pitchforks right now though, as I can tell you that this supplement, while made of a legume-based carbohydrate, miraculously and unexpectedly DOES NOT knock the body out of ketosis. Don’t believe me? We’ve got the clinical studies to prove it. Amazing right? All the glucose from this little dose of post-workout carbs will go straight to my bloodstream & head to help keep my brain and glycogen system functioning properly – which I have a feeling is going to be crucial in my keeping my shit together during this next gruelling month! KETO CARB is the first-ever low-glycemic, ketogenic carb fuel.


Naturally, without the benefits of food, I’m going to be stacking supps heavily to keep a balanced nutrition coming in during these weeks. To ensure that I don’t become vitamin-depleted I will be taking our VITABOLIC, which is basically a one-stop shop for all the essentials. Additionally, it has mood enhancing, stress reducing, and immune boosting properties that are all natural—everything you could ask for and more in a vitamin. I’ll need to keep stress levels down when I’m daydreaming of foie gras poutine and black truffle tagliatelle!






On such an extreme diet, I’m anticipating having roughly the same amount of energy as the sloths from the movie “Zootopia" so I’ll be using our fat-burner SEMTEX alongside a beta-sample bottle of our upcoming new mega-dosed nootropic BRAIN HACK. We developed these products to significantly enhance energy levels, focus, and mood without the negative side-effects of caffeine, and I’m confident they will keep me in a great mental state even on this extremely fast.

Finally, to ensure I keep my strength up, I am stacking AGGRO with SUPERNOVA, and mega-dosed ANABOLIC STATE BCAA's. I generally recommend a dose 0.2g of BCAA per kg, but I am doubling that during this extreme diet (0.4g of BCAA per kg). I weigh 250 lbs (113kg) so I will be taking 45g of BCAA’s per day. I will be timing this dose around my workouts (2 scoops pre-workout, 3 scoops intra-workout, 2 scoops post-workout) on training days, and on non-training days I will be taking the same dosage but sipping on it throughout the entire day. Powered by Deer Antler Extract, AGGRO should help me shed fat and increase strength. Thanks Rudolph!




The Game Plan:

    • 7 am: 4 caps of SEMTEX & 3 caps of BRAIN HACK

    • 30 minutes cardio

    • 8 am: 30 minutes infrared sauna

    • 9 am: KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKE # 1 (ISOBOLIC & Coconut Oil & MCT Oil) & 7 caps VITABOLIC

    • 12 pm: KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKE # 2 (ISOBOLIC & Coconut Oil & MCT Oil)

    • 2 pm: 4 caps of SEMTEX & 3 caps of BRAIN HACK

    • 4 pm: KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKE # 3 (ISOBOLIC & Coconut Oil & MCT Oil)

    • Immediately Post-Workout: 2 more scoops of ANABOLIC STATE followed up by KETO LIQUID FAST SHAKE # 4 (ISOBOLIC & Coconut Oil & MCT Oil)


      There you have it. My “meal” plan for the next 21 days. Now don’t just wish me luck, and laugh at the thought of me drinking nothing but flavoured powders for the next month, if you want to lose 5, 10, 20, or even 30 lbs in the next 3 weeks come to join me on this journey… and ill even make a contest out of it. 


      Here’s how it will work:

      1. Follow me, @nutrabolics & @nutrabolicscofounder, and your favourite sports nutrition retailer (eg. @popeyessupplements, @supplementkingcanada, @supplementworldcanada, @bodybuildingcom, @totalnutritionsuperstores, etc).

      2. Take a “BEFORE” photo of yourself this month and hashtag #KETOLIQUIDFAST. Here is my “starting picture”.

      3. Purchase the products listed in The Game Plan and take a picture of your KETO LIQUID FAST supplement stack for the month. We want to see your training, dieting, weight-loss results to document this 21-day “adventure.” Don’t forget to tag/hashtag @nutrabolics @nutrabolicscofounder and your favourite supplement retailer (if you have any questions about the supplements or want to know if you can take other supplements while on the fast just send me a DM and I’ll be happy to answer)

      4. Take your after picture 21 days later and #KETOLIQUIDFAST. At the end of it all, besides getting absolutely SHREDDED, I will personally choose one participant from the Keto Liquid Fast Challenge, with the most extreme transformation to win $1000 in free supplements. That’s a lot of supps!




        Consider me a supplement company owner putting his money where his mouth is—literally. I’m putting full faith in our Nutrabolics products to carry me through this intense regime. Stay tuned for my results and follow my daily KETO LIQUID FAST routine on my Instagram at @nutrabolicscofounder!