Nutrabolics® launches innovative new hormone amplifier, Aggro.

Nutrabolics® launches innovative new hormone amplifier, Aggro.

It’s not often the proponents of the supplement industry gets excited over a test booster in a market full of proprietary dosages and products that never match their hype; but these bodybuilding community diehards have never had the chance to Get Aggro.

After months of clinical research, formulation, and conceptual design, Nutrabolics’ brand new test booster is set to hit store shelves in Canada this July 11th.  Unlike typical generic test-boosters, Aggro is a dual-action anabolic powerhouse, and sports an all-new shadow-box carton packaging that is one of the few of its kind on the market.

Backed by real human research. This high-tech formula contains zero proprietary blends or fillers, and sports a variety of highly anabolic compounds like D-Aspartic Acid (3120 mg), Deer Antler Extract (450 mg), Tongkat Ali (300 mg), and Mucuna Pruriens (750 mg); all of which are designed by Nutrabolics to elevate free testosterone levels in the body safely and naturally.

The real innovation here though is visible in how Aggro targets the body’s most anabolic hormone, insulin. Acting as both a mimetic and sensitizer, Aggro works to amplify the potency of your body’s natural insulin levels while actually simulating the effects of insulin! This is achieved through the 5 powerful agents: Bitter Melon (50 mg), Cinnamomum Cassia (200 mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (150 mg), Berberine HCL (200 mg), and Chromium Picolinate (400 mcg), which work to stabilize glucose levels, torch body fat, increase lean mass, and drive anabolic nutrients into the users muscle cells. Nutrabolics even threw in a ZMA blend to further catalyze these anabolic reactions. This synergistic anabolic and anti-catabolic activity is expected to push athletes towards maximum muscle growth – no prescription necessary!


“We really put our corporate mantra of ‘innovation is everything’ to work with Aggro,” says Co-CEO Jayson Wyner.  “We aspire to redefine the entire Test/GH category with this product, the industry has never experienced anything like it!”


Aggro will begin rolling out in several North American retailers this July 2016, starting with major Canadian retailers on July 11th. Keep posted for an upcoming product launch contest hinted at by Nutrabolics which may be popping up on their social media in the coming month.