By Dean Maier & Clarence Paller   Driven to be a champion, Henri-Pierre Ano is a distinguished bodybuilder who has a decade of experience in the highly demanding sport. With an impressive resume of competition victories under his belt – including Mr. Canada 2013 – he is now zeroed in on his goal of qualifying for the prestigious Mr. Olympia. This is the driving force behind his many hours training in the gym and the discipline that goes into every grueling day. At a deeper level though, Henri possesses a unique mental state that propels his training and allows him to overcome the fiercely demanding and repetitive nature of the sport; a mindset that is built on the pillars of innovation and accountability. For Henri it is not just about material goals, for him being a true champion involves perseverance, creativity, and positioning himself as a role model that challenges the dominant stereotypes of the sport. Henri’s career in bodybuilding began seriously in 2007. He reflects on his early approach to the sport: “At first it was cool and fun to win beginners contests like the nationals. I am genetically gifted. For me just to train, be in shape and...


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