Nichole Venzara - Team Nutrabolics Athlete

Nichole Venzara

Title: IFBB Fitness Pro

Age: 24

Location: Merritt Island, FL

Favourite Supplement: ATHLETE'S FOOD™

Favourite Stack: ATHLETE'S STACK

Favourite Exercise: Pull ups

How has Nutrabolics® helped you reach a goal?:

An obstacle that Nutrabolics has helped me over come is giving me energy and the drive for my workouts by using their pre-workout swollen, and superfats! Nothing like a little a great pump and surge of energy to take you through a killer shoulder or back workout.

Facebook: Nichole Venzara

Twitter: @nvenzara


I have always been into sports and fitness since a very young age. I started dancing at 3 years of age, then at age 6 started cheerleading/gymnastic. A few years later I tried t-ball and soccer. I hated it and went back to cheerleading. I was a competitive cheerleading all my life up until college. I recieved a cheerleading scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University. Where I was a member of the small coed division II team. I went to nationals twice with them and won two national championship titles. After that I stopped cheering to focus on my career as a nurse. It was to much with clinicals and practicing to be able to balance both at the time.

When i quit i needed something else to keep me active. I started weight training and losing weight on my own. Finally someone told me i should consider doing a show. I had always wanted to compete but was going to wait till after college but that didnt happen. I did my first show my junior year of college. I had chose a show in hawaii at time and decided to spend my summer in hawaii focusing on it, but i came home for 10 days to visit a fellow IFBB fitness pro competitor Sandi Stuart to get some advice because i had no idea what to do. I did not have heels a suit or anything. She took a look at me and said theres a show next week you should do it. I laughed said no way im 6 weeks out from my show. Well that 10 days i got ready and entered my first show. She taught me how to walk in heels gave me a suit and helped me my last week of the prep. I did the Florida State Figure class A. I won my class out of 17 girls. I was shocked! Then 6 weeks later I hired a training and entered the Paradise Cup Figure class A. I won the division and overall.

My senior year of collge I prepped for Jr. nationals and decided to switch to fitness since I had the background in gymnastic. I just didn't have the time prior to focus on a routine. I went to Jr. Nationals in 2011 entered the Fitness class A I won my division and took overall. :) Jr. Nationals is where i earned my IFBB pro card status.