Mahmoud Al Durrah - Team Nutrabolics Athlete

Mahmoud Al Durrah

Title: Bodybuilder/Muscle Model

Age: 26

Location: Montreal, QC

Favourite Supplement: ANABOLIC WINDOW™


Favourite Exercise: All

How has Nutrabolics® helped you reach a goal?:

Post competition is always the most difficult time. And here's where Nutrabolics came in. With the huge variety of supplements, I'm able to naturally maintain a really good physique midst my busy schedule.

Facebook: Mahmoud Al Durrah

Twitter: @m_aldurrah


Prior to living in Egypt, I lived in the UK in my early years; this explains my fluent English. Although the disappearance of my English accent remains a mystery.

I attended the American University in Cairo, to which I received a degree in Civil Engineering. Tough stuff. Midst my education is when I began bodybuilding. I came across bodybuilding through my art work. That's right, I was a full blown comic geek. I watched anime all day long, drew comics and played video games all night long, and solved a lot of math in between. Finally, I became so obsessed I said "hey, it's about time I stopped drawing these characters, and started looking like them." I began boxing for the first couple of years, then started bodybuilding at 18.

At 19, a little after my first competition, I had my first accident. I owned a superbike. In Egypt. Figures. I split my kneecap in half, parts of it broke off, and I broke some knuckles and fingers. I did manage to compete the following year in the Egyptian University and Collegiate Nationals, to which I placed 9th. Again, shortly after competing, I had another accident. It involved a helpless girl, 2 harassing males, and me being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Long story short, I needed surgery for my shoulder joints, everything was torn.

I managed to compete again the following year, on the expense of my social life and academic performance through isolating myself to double my therapy. I placed 4th, then got expelled from University because I practically failed every course that semester.

The year after, I was enrolled again through a long petition, and I was ready to compete for that title one more time since it was my last year being in university. I placed first.

I finally graduated with B.Sc. in Engineering in 2010. Shortly after I married my 6 year long girlfriend. In 2011 I competed in the IFBB Sultanate of Oman Nationals. I placed 4th. Shortly after, my wife gave birth to my first born, Zain. We were in Canada at this point, where my wife grew up – Montreal.

In 2012, my wife gave birth to our second child, Talliah. At that point, I figured I needed to do something big, for myself. And that was the greatest challenge; to juggle everything…and become the 2012 Canadian National Middleweight Champion. Many of the experts had told me being new in the country, and trying out the nationals for the first time, it would be impossible to win. So I listened to the experts carefully, and went ahead and won anyway. After a lot of struggles, and sacrifices, today, I am the 2012 CBBF Middleweight Champion, and this triumph, never tasted so sweet.