Lisa Delahaye - Team Nutrabolics Athlete

Lisa Delahaye

Title: WBFF Bikini Pro

Age: 33

Location: Peterborough, ON

Favourite Supplement: ANABOLIC STATE™

Favourite Stack: FIT FEMME

Favourite Exercise: Bicep curls

How has NutrabolicsĀ® helped you reach a goal?:

Nutrabolics supplements help me replenish nutrients and keep my training flowing smoothly in a way that no other supplements have.

Facebook: Lisa Delahaye WBFF Pro

Twitter: @lisadela8


I currently work as a Hairstylist, Make-up artist, Pro Fitness Model/ Competitor and am the Nutrabolics Demo Athlete for the Ontario region.

My passion to start training came along when I realized I was heading down the unhealthy road and decided to change my future to become a fitter, healthier, happier me and to inspire others to change their ways to live a fitter more balanced lifestyle.

After I'd spent a few years developing my knowledge and physique I decided I wanting to challenge myself and my abilities further to overcome personal limitations and help promote the fitness industry. Being a competitive athlete empowers me to apply the discipline involved in contest preparation to every aspect of my life and has helped me become more balanced, focused and grounded. I love the structure and organization that accompanies competition prep.