Jason Phillips - Team Nutrabolics Athlete

Jason Phillips

Title: Fitness Model

Age: 28

Location: Jupiter, FL

Favourite Supplement: ATHLETE'S FOOD™

Favourite Stack: TEST-TROPIN 2XC STACK

Favourite Exercise: Cross-fit exercises

How has Nutrabolics® helped you reach a goal?:

Training twice a day is a bit extreme, and very taxing on the body. Nutrabolics allows me to be properly fueled at all times and to fully recover from all my training.

Facebook: Jason Phillips

Twitter: @jphillips17


Jason Phillips is a former professional golfer turned fitness model. This former anorexic has come full circle, now owning a training and nutrition business that has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals - including helping several IFBB professionals. Jason currently maintains his physique while training for the CrossFit games. His goal is to win the CrossFit Games in 2014, making him the worlds fittest man! "Nutrabolics is my secret weapon" - Jason