Bree Lind - Team Nutrabolics Athlete

Bree Lind

Title: Pro Fitness Model

Age: 29

Location: -

Favourite Supplement: CARNIBOLIC™

Favourite Stack: FIT FEMME

Favourite Exercise: -

How has Nutrabolics® helped you reach a goal?:

I am very selective about what I use to supplement my training and after discovering Nutrabolics I know 100% that I am getting quality. They've got a really diverse line of supps that have be very useful in planning my custom fitness programs.

Facebook: Bree Lind

Twiiter: @BrieHunter


Bree Lind has turned an average life to an amazing one, and has taken her body along for the ride. Through unparalleled hard work, discipline, and drive, Bree has developed a physique that many aspiring fitness models dream to achieve. She took the stage by storm, always placing high amongst her division competitors; Bree is a fitness modeling tour de force.

Bree career as a personal trainer has given her a whole different set of motivations. She trains an elite team of aspiring athletes as they journey their way to the Word Body & Fitness Federation stage. Through no-bull training advice and a take-no-prisoners attitude, Bree skyrockets her clients bodies and minds into incredible transformations.

Bree has had to face many obstacles because of her choice in career and desire to maintain an incredible physique, but she always manages to come out on top. With every challenge that comes her way, she becomes even more focused and dedicated. Don't let her beauty fool you; with an avid interest in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, we'd hate to see what happened to anyone that crossed Bree Lind the wrong way!

Battling preconceptions about girls with muscle and misunderstanding about her sport every step of the way, Bree has taken any negativity thrown her direction and turned it into fuel for the fire. On top of training clients on a rigorous schedule, Bree herself still trains intensively to ensure that she's always in peak condition for the next magazine cover or photo shoot.

At the age of 29, Bree has accomplished more than some can hope to accomplish in a lifetime. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world and regularly contributes to various fitness publications. Her expertise in the field is matched only by her ambition to excel at whatever she does.

Bree's fiery attitude and passion for excellence has taken her to great heights in the fitness world; now she's giving other girls the opportunity to learn from her and to gain the title for themselves. She's already trained champions, who will be the next big fitness star trained by Bree Lind?