January 10, 2014 19:27



ricky goodall team nutrabolicsBy Ricky Goodall

Professional MMA Fighter


As information about nutrition continues to become more and more available and the myths surrounding low fat diets become exposed we’re lead in different directions toward supplementation to make up for certain aspects of our diets that are otherwise missing.


Although body fat is something most of us want to avoid, the path to a low fat percentage is often blazed by a diet that actually contains healthy fats, which help our bodies get rid of that unwanted fat.


Nutrabolics’ supplement SUPERFATS™ contains three power packed components that help us rid our unwanted body fat and may also help with muscle gain, inflammation and even reducing the chance of cancer.


The first component we’re going to look at is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a healthy trans-fat that is found to be very important in our diets aiding in many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, shedding unwanted body fat and even increasing strength. CLA is found naturally occurring in beef that is raised on a grass based diet. Cattle in North America are primarily fed grains causing the need for CLA supplementation to be on the rise. When cos eat a grain based diet CLA becomes virtually non-existent. Grass-fed beef can be expensive to purchase and very hard to find making Superfats a great substitution.


The next component of Superfats is Sesame Seed Oil. Sesamin found in Sesame Seed Oil can assist in fat burning by increase ketone production which increases amino acids maintained in the body. When the body is in a calorie deficit these ketones provide energy to the cells and assist in burning body fat. This means that Superfats is not only beneficial to the average person or athlete in their day to day lives but also during the final days and weeks of contest preparation when their fat intake increases and carbohydrate intake decreases.


Finally Korean Pine Nut is a natural appetite suppressant that also increases metabolism by reducing muscle lipid content and weight gain. One of the hardest aspects of staying on track is cravings and temptation to eat foods that are not so healthy for us but Korean Pine Nut make assist in lowering those cravings indirectly.


Nutrabolics Superfats is a fantastic addition to a good diet and training and may increase strength, decrease inflammation and body fat and help fend off disease. Consume Superfats every day with a diet rich in Omega 3 for optimal results.