February 21, 2013 14:14

eating out is possible


People are usually surprised on how often I eat out and I have heard the same questions every time - What do I order? How do I make healthy choices? It's actually quite simple, so I decided to write a blog on how to make healthy choices when eating out at a restaurant.
 Most restaurants I've been to are very accommodating to healthy eating since they want to make your experience at their restaurant enjoyable and memorable. The number one rule is: Don't be afraid to ask! 
You can always take a meal on the menu and MAKE it healthy, though I definitely stay away from anything with bread or noodles, which automatically eliminates burgers, sandwiches, and pastas.  I also make sure to ask them NOT to bring the bread and butter at the beginning so Im not even tempted to nibble. 
Here are some examples of things I will ask to be taken out of my meal or change:
• If my meal comes with white rice, I will get it changed to brown rice and I will ask for half the original portion. Also, if they don't have brown rice at all, I will substitute for some STEAMED veggies with no butter or oil.
• If my meal comes with a starchy carb such as potatoes, fries, yam fries etc. I will always substitute for steamed greens or a green salad.
• If my meal comes with cheese, nuts, croutons, or bacon, I will always ask for it without
• If my meal comes with a dressing or a sauce, I will ask for them to come on the side so I am in control of how much I am consuming. Also, if my meal comes with a creamy dressing or sauce, I will always substitute it for a vinaigrette dressing or a lighter sauce.
• Chicken and fish are always ordered "skinless" and cooked "dry" (without butter or oil)
• When ordering steak, I'll go for a leaner cut such as the tenderloin or the T-bone, also cooked "dry"
• Definitely stay away from ANYTHING deep-fried!!
Sometimes I find that after all my requests, the meal I get is NOTHING like the one on the menu! But hey, If that's what it takes to look good and feel great, then so be it! Because fitness is a lifestyle!
Stay sexy people,
Venessa Leianne
Nutrabolics Athlete