February 13, 2013 16:48

ATHLETE BLOG - Jonni shreve



What's up Nutrabolic fans! Jonni Shreve, Nutrabolics Bodybuilder here. I'm currently 8 weeks out from the NSABBA Provincial Championships and right after that I will be going straight into prep for the Canadian Nationals.  I can honestly say Nutrabolics has played a huge part in my prep so far.  From Isobolic™ to Swollen™, Vitabolic™ and ThermalXTC™, have all helped me a lot.  Last year I placed 3rd at Provincials in Heavy Weight (8th over all,) and then competed in Super Heavy Weight at Nationals.  From last year to this years prep, Nutrabolics supplements have been my main source of fuel.  I can't wait to see my improvements in 2013 that have come from pure hardwork and proper supplementation. 
Going big, going strong, Nutrabolics 2013
Jonni Shreve
Nutrabolic Sponsored athlete 
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