December 30, 2013 11:04

Enjoying A Fitness Conscious Holiday


Nicki Bucci Team NutrabolicsBy Nicki Bucci - Team Nutrabolics Athlete


As we are in the final stretch of the holiday season, I see all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds ways in which my friends are planning to stay on their diets. I can’t help but wonder why we drive ourselves so crazy at this time trying to ensure our diets are perfect. Shouldn’t we really be just living in the moment and enjoying ourselves?


I’m not saying you should gorge yourself on every morsel of store bought chocolate money can buy but what I am saying is to pick your battles.


The whole idea of the healthy lifestyle is to practice moderation and balance. I don’t believe in missing out on the experiences and foods that your memories are made of because of the desire for abs (ok, unless you have a show coming that case, plan plan PLAN and pack your food). We have the rest of the year to calculate macros and ensure we are meeting our goals but in my humble opinion this is a time of rest, relaxation and enjoyment! Go ahead and have a little bit of your childhood favorites when you’re out, just remember when you’re at home or work before and after the event that to eat light to make up for it. Control what you can and indulge where it feels right. Remember it takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound of bodyfat. Unless you’re eating entire cakes or turkeys you’ll probably not be THAT bad.


A very smart thing to do however is keep up with your supplements. With the extra carbs that the holidays bring, you may want to keep some Isobolic or Hydro Pure with you just in case you can’t get any, or enough protein wherever you are. This is also prudent advice if you’re out shopping and forget to eat....all you need is a bottle of water for mixing and you can easily get a bit of nutrition on the run before you pass out!! It goes without saying that you should be taking your Vitabolic every day anyways...don’t slack now.


Finally – I know this is a very hectic time for many of us but there is still time to get a workout in here and there! Even if you have an event every day (I feel sorry for you if you do) you can sneak in training! Wake up it on your lunch hour etc.... Take advantage of any down time you have to treat your body well. This will not only help you to not balloon up over the holidays thanks to Nonna’s famous homemade pasta, but will help to alleviate some of the stress that this time of year can bring. Treat your workouts like a meditation of sorts. Your time to yourself!


Again, I’m not saying you need to gain 10lbs over the season and worry about it later....far from it. What I am saying is to let your guard down a tiny bit and just enjoy this little break from reality. It’s only a couple of weeks! Just don’t become a human trash compactor and consider it a win ;)


Happy Holidays to you & yours! Until 2014....